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The Kenosha Conservatory of Music was founded in March of 2008. Every student and instructor helps build our musical future and goals. Our goal is to create a facility that can be used to serve the Kenosha area with Music Education, Programs and Private Lessons. A place where musicians can meet, play, perform and students can rehearse. Our efforts to organize and coordinate this concept is off to a great start but still has a long way to go.


Our future plans include working towards a non-profit status as well as creating a facility that can maintain itself and allow the students, instructors, music programs and activities to grow.


All types of donations are appreciated and will help. Donations may be monetary, new or used instruments, teaching supplies, new or used lesson books, sheet music, volunteering time, suggestions or anything that you think will help us reach our goals.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any donations.


Thanks KCoM